I love this stuff!  Finally a transfer paper that is reliable and gives me the color I start out with...I want to order it by the bolt!
Sandy Donabed

Dalinda Riosceo design

The TAP transfer (awesome product, I must say, after trying everything under the sun that would allow fabric flexibility) is what gave the design such a pro look. I spent a lot of time experimenting with how close I could get when cutting around the TAP print-out with such a highly detailed design. (see image at left)
Dalinda Rioseco

Yes, there are plenty of other methods for creating transfers, but if you're looking to quickly produce a rich, clear transferred image, TAP is the product you need. Rather than wasting time with multiple transfers with the hope of a good result, TAP will help you get an excellent transfer the first time you use it. Imagine the possibilties!
Gloria Hansen

Last month I bought some TAP from you and wanted to let you know I  really like it. The transfers were beautiful! I just used it for my latest  project featured on my blog...also posted about your product with a link. Thanks so much,
Lisa Jurist

Just wanted to write a note of "thank you" for your prompt delivery of my order for your fabulous, may I repeat that, FABULOUS artist transfer paper. Recently, some friends and I got together to play with different transfer techniques and your paper was by far the very best !!!!  But I am sure you already know this, ha : )  So, once again, thank you and I/we will surely spread this good news and product.
Sandra Gill Friend

I just had to say THANKS for the fantastic transfer paper -- I tried it for the first time tonight with a simple computer printout and know it is exactly what I need for my current piece.  Amazing stuff!! Can't wait to play with it further. I'm sure to be ordering more soon! 
Thanks again,
Amy Ropple

We have experimented with TAP product and are very impressed with the  depth of the color reproduction and the nearly undetectable hand.  We have  been looking for such a high-quality transfer product to support a new product line of fabric-based products with some unique graphics, which we plan to sell.
Rich Bowers

Wow.... TAP is the nicest iron on transfer I have ever used. And I think I've used them all before getting my Epson pigment printer. Very nice.
DJ Pettitt

I got my package of TAP a couple days ago and just had a chance to play. OMG it is fabulous! I even did a transfer on metal and it turned out really cool. I tried canvas, cotton (white and colors) and on watercolor paper.
The only less that perfect transfer was on the watercolor paper and I think I slid the iron some.

You have got to get some!
Liz Kettle