Workshops Schedule

Several years ago I took my first class from you.  You changed my life!  I began to grow bolder in my exploration of fabrics and all the wonderful things that can be done.  You gave me permission to "sew outside the lines" and do whatever I wanted.  I continued taking classes from you whenever you came to town, subscribed to Cloth, Paper, Scissors and bought your books.  You are my Muse and I thank you every time I play with photos, fabrics, etc.  All my friends and acquaintances "know" you through my works!

Elaine Stephens

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop!  I learned so much, met so many wonderful and talented people AND realized a lesson that I have been struggling with for a while - being true to myself! I've decided that from now on, my time will be spent creating my own art.  More people need to take your workshops!  Hope to see you at another event in the future!

Lauren Sgranfetto

My husband said I came home with a glow from your class and suggested I do the whole week next year! I'm looking forward to it. It was nice meeting you.  You taught me a lot.

Cynthia F

I had a great time and learned so much.  I have orders into a lot of places and I'm anxiously waiting to start experimenting with the materials.  It was a grand experience.  You are a wonderful teacher with a very kind and supportive spirit.

You gave me a lot of food for thought and I needed that. I was able to question why I haven't been finishing things I need and want to finish.  I'm grateful to have people put into my life who make me aware of and confront my fears.

Thank you for everything.  I certainly hope to see you again.

Janice Castiglione

This was an exceptional class. Lesley is a gifted teacher with considerable expertise. The class was very well organized, her technique  and tips were wonderful, her demonstrations were clear and  inspirational. Best of all, Lesley has a lovely way of being with  people. She is open and warm, supportive and encouraging; the studio feels  very comfortable under her care. A delightful sense of humor keeps things  lively, too. There is a beautiful spirit which Lesley brings to her teaching, a kind of grace with which she hold the entire process....and it is as rare as it  is valuable.


It is thanks to people like yourself who unselfishly pass on the benefits of your experience to the rest of us that may never do anything fantastic, but  have a heck of a lot of fun trying --- and how good it is!!!!! I love your  book.

Lois Wadsworth

In 2005 Lesley rocked my world when it came to creating stitched art.  She made it simple. She used luxe fabrics and “crooked” stitches, and she dared  to call it “quilted.” For me, Lesley redefined quilting, broke open the mold and let the inmates out of the asylum! (Put another way, Lesley was one of the influential stitchers in my life who helped to make sewing fun again.) 

Debbie Bates

I am still feeling the wonderful aliveness from the class.... I learned  so much and I am excited about exploring the new path I found. Thank you for all that you shared with us!
Robin Brandes

I wanted you to know what a  wonderful time I had playing around with all the new materials and new  techniques that we learned.  Thank you so much, Lesley, for a great  class.  I can’t imagine better.  I also wanted to echo someone else’s  comment and thank you all for creating a wonderful supportive environment.

Lori Zimmerman

A big thank you to you as my first and best instructor for fabric art. I remember sitting in class at one of my first Art & Soul adventures. I sat  in the back of the class hoping I would go pretty much unnoticed. However, with your easy-going style, I was soon caught up in the whole concept. Having been taught that you never have raw edges etc, I loved hearing about breaking some of  those rules...or all of them for that matter!

Ruth Krening

I just wanted to thank you again for the half-day workshop with  the Springfield QU group. I had a blast! I'm a dyer, and never considered using paint as an alternative to coloring whole cloth in certain situations. Lots easier, less mess, and more  controllable.

I know that I will be using both of the transfer techniques you showed us in all kinds of projects for years to come.  Who knew it was so easy?  And so much of a different look than just printing on fabric? I love it. So thanks for an afternoon of fun and  learning and stretching a  little. I got a lot out of it, and I'm so  glad to have had the opportunity.

Barb Sherwood

Lesley is one of the most wonderful teachers I've ever had & a kind  and generous friend as well - everyone needs to take a Lesley Riley class AND read her books/watch her many videos!  Money very well spent for mixed  media/fabric artists!  BTW, this is an unsolicited testimonial!!

De Crow

I just wanted to thank you for sharing the creativity, wisdom, and insight during class last week.

nne Quinlan

I wanted to email you and thank you for a  wonderful class on Thursday at Houston. You taught me to use a lot of products  that are in the books without having to buy them and then find that I wouldn't  enjoy them.  However, I did enjoy using all of them and walked through all  the vendors to make sure I took some of all of them home with me. You are  an excellent teacher and I look forward to continue learning through Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts.

Brenda Wall

Thank you for creating such a calm sharing class on Tuesday at the Festival. I really appreciated how you helped people when they needed help, but let them get on with it when they wanted to get on. 

Sandy Snowden